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While this site offers all the information you need about VigRX Plus penis pills and buying VigRX, it does not actually sell the product. We do provide you with websites that we have researched and found to be credible and offer authentic products however, to assist you when it comes to buying VigRX Plus pills. There are many benefits that you can enjoy when you buy VigRX Plus pills, including the obvious fact that they can permanently increase the girth and length of your penis, strengthen erections and improve overall sexual health. VigRx Pills

More benefits of VigRX Plus penis enlargement pills are that they are 100% safe and comprised of a combination of natural herbs. These herbs form a powerful blend that serve to enlarge the erectile tissues. You will not experience side effects from taking VigRX Plus and it is totally suitable for vegetarians. VigRX Plus will not impose on your regular lifestyle and it easy and convenient to take. You can change your general sexual health and libido when you buy VigRX Plus penis pills.

If I buy VigRX, what degree of results will I be able to see?

While all results differ for every unique individual, you should expect to see results within the first four weeks of taking VigRX Plus penis pills. A large number of VigRX Plus users have reported an overall increase of up to three inches in length, after using VigRX Plus for three months, which is the recommended time period for any course of VigRX. You should see noticeable results at different stages of your initial three month treatment.

What are the main ingredients in VigRX?

When you buy into VigRX, you are buying into a 100% natural and healthy treatment that will help you regain confidence both in the bedroom and in your regular every day life. Each ingredient in VigRX Plus is specifically selected to aid in the enhancement of your penis size and the improvement of your sexual health. The effective concentration of ingredients, renowned for their success in terms of penile and bodily enhancement, all work to achieve positive effects. The following is a break down of the ingredients and what each does, highlighting how buying VigRX can change your life.

  • 100mg Asian Ginseng Root - will help improve sexual performance and sex drive. In some cases it has helped with greater sperm production as well as sexual performance.

  • 100mg Saw Palmetto Berry - serves to prevent testosterone from being converted into dihydrotestosterone, a hormone responsible for the enlargement of the prostate. Saw Palmetto is also known for its ability to neutralise thyroid activity during sexual development.

  • 100 mg Hawthorn Berry - helps improve blood circulation through the dilation of the blood vessels.

  • 100mg Ginkgo Biloba Leaf - this ingredient will serve to improve the blood circulation, and the ability to rebuild penile tissue. This will help to strengthen erections and combat problems with impotence.

  • 50mg Muira Pauma Bark Extract (4:1) - helps to improve virility, targeting the reproductive functions and aiding in the prevention of adrenal stress, and cardiovascular problems. It can also help regulate the functions of the central nervous system, organ development, renal activity and thyroid stress.

  • 50mg Catuaba Bark Extract (4:1) - Improves genital function, providing a natural treatment option.

  • 25mg Cuscuta Seed Extract (4:1) - Improves uro-genetal functions.

  • 15mg Epimedium Leaf Extract (20:1) - A well established Chinese remedy that serves to boost the libido.
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